My Love for Medical Transcription

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Medical transcription is the only career for me. I have experience in various settings but prefer stay at home jobs. Medical transcription is an ever changing environment and there is always something new to learn or a skill that needs improving. The ability to work at home has always been a joy to me as I can my own hours and days. I have always loved working the weekends and holidays. It is so convenient to just get up (no matter what I am wearing or the time of day) and just “plug myself in” and start working. I have always enjoyed the flexibility of working at home, although I have worked in hospitals, private physician clinics, ER, and diagnostic imaging.

I have researched many online medical transcription schools, but most are out of my price range. When I found "automatic transcriptionLinks to an external site." I was so delighted. It offered me an opportunity to refresh my skills, plus support in finding employment. This gave me hope and I now feel that I may once again be able to do what I so dearly love. There are many features in your program that appealed to me. I liked the color-coding of words left out and the ability to compare side-by-side what I transcribed and what was actually dictated. It is a wonderful way to fine tune my listening skills again. The links to other informative sites was also impressive. As any MT can tell you, the more access to information, sample reports, and other MTs is always a great help, as is networking with other medical transcriptionistLinks to an external site. companies.


Retirement, whether health induced or otherwise, is not for me.  I have many hobbies but they do not fill the void that I feel; I yearn to be constantly learning and challenged in a way that only medical transcription can fill. Once I am back working I do not plan to ever stop working again. My goal for myself in returning back to medical transcription is to finally become a certified medical english subtitlesLinks to an external site. transcriptionist. I hope to be able to return to Acute Care work as the variety is always interesting and challenging. I also love diagnostic imaging and emergency room reports.

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